Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Started on Groundhog Day!

Did the groundhog see it's shadow?  We hadn't heard because the Network Leaders of Biomimicry Chicago were hard at work at HOK in Chicago figuring out how to start our new network!  After much visioning and brainstorming, we have figured out an interim plan for 2012 that will allow us to establish the groundwork for our network while Lindsay and Amy finish the final year in the Biomimicry Professional Program.  This year, we plan to work on select projects while creating collaborative relationships with like minded organizations throughout our region.  We'll also be collaborating to keep this blog up to date with the latest local biomimicry stories as well as announcements and educational opportunities available nationally.  Follow us on twitter @biomimicrychi and our LinkedIn group Biomimicry Chicago and stay tuned - there's much more where this came from!

Amy, Lindsay, Peter, and Colin

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