Thursday, November 17, 2016

Using Biomimicry to Create Viable Alternative Systems

Join Biomimicry Chicago's Rachel Hahs in her new #SystemReset series in which she explores how using a systems approach in biomimicry can result in radical new alternative system designs that have the potential to drastically improve the environmental, social and economic impacts of the system.

In #SystemReset Part 1: Biomimicry and the "How" of DIF's #SystemReset, Rachel introduces the idea that using biomimicry to redefine the approach to solving for the core functions of a challenge results in the potential for not only a completely redesigned "product", but also a redesigned product category ecosystem, with ripple effects into complimentary goods and services systems.

In Part 2: Plastics from Air, she provides an example that illustrates how biomimicry systems thinking resulted in creating a viable alternative system of raw material sourcing and material production in the plastics industry - creating the potential switch from one that contributes significantly to climate change, to one that is part of the solution.

Upcoming posts include additional examples of radical technology solutions that represent paradigm shifts in their industries, as well as additional exploration of how the use of a biomimicry systems approach can accelerate a #SystemReset to sustainable systems.