Monday, June 25, 2012

Exciting Exhibits!

Biomimicry inspired art exhibits are popping up all over Chicago - be sure to check them out!

Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art & Invention

The Field Museum is hosting this art exhibition through December and looks at the importance of biodiversity through creative expression.  Randy Jayne Rosenberg of Art Works for Change was kind enough to give us a tour of this exciting exhibit.  Be sure to check out the video of the web of life as seen from a bug's eye view - it's amazing!

"Harnessing technology and inspired by nature’s amazing design concepts, Nature’s Toolbox features innovative, eye-capturing contemporary art which helps visitors understand and appreciate the life-or-death interdependence between the 10-20 million species on earth – including humans – and the quality of the environment we share.For More Information visit"

Genius Loci: Listening to Nature's Muse 

This new exhibit focuses on showcasing artwork inspired by the genius of our local ecosystems. I'm excited to check it out when it opens July 8th at the Ryerson Woods.

"The ancient Romans believed that every place on Earth is protected by a guardian spirit or genius loci, literally “spirit of place.” Today, we use this phrase to mean the collective characteristics—cultural, environmental, and psychological—that define a specific locale and distinguish it from all others. Throughout history, some of the most successful works of art and architecture were created by people who captured the genius loci of natural places. Their works appear to fit seamlessly within the environments that inspired them. This legacy of listening to and learning from the genius loci continues today as a new generation of artists and designers responds to Nature."