Tuesday, July 29, 2014

(Re)Connecting with Nature: Exploring Biomimicry in Our Local Ecosystems

Biomimicry Chicago Co-Founder, Amy Coffman Phillips, is writing a series of articles on the power of reconnection in the practice of biomimicry:

"Whenever I talk about biomimicry, I am usually asked a question along the lines of “how do I get started?” And the answer is remarkably simple - you start by going outside. Going for a walk through your local ecosystem, setting aside all that you need to do, reawakening your natural curiosity, and experiencing nature’s genius is a powerful act that will change your perspective on nature, your place in it, and forever alter the path of your career and life."

Read more on her blog!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New to biomimicry?

Check out a new introductory seminar at the Chicago Center for Green Technology next Thursday, July 17th. 6pm. FREE as a service to our green community! Register here.

(Re)Connecting with Nature: Exploring Biomimicry in Your Own Backyard

Speakers: Amy Coffman Phillips & Rachel Haus, Biomimicry Chicago
Audience: General

Biomimicry, the practice of learning from nature to solve human problems, is emerging as a powerful tool for creating sustainable design and systemic transformation. Applied at a variety of scales, from individual products to buildings and organizations, biomimicry brings nature's 3.8 billion years of innovation experience to the table to redefine sustainable innovation. Weather permitting, course includes a guided tour of our local prairie ecosystem viewed through the biomimicry lens, an introduction to the biomimicry methodology, and facilitated experiences that help participants comprehend and begin to apply nature’s lessons to their lives and work.