Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Diversity as Strength: Learning from our Prairies

This article from AskNature.org seems particularly relevant this week as we heal from the deadly and divisive events of the weekend. It may seem strange to draw parallels between plant and human communities to learn from them, but by studying our native tallgrass prairies we learn that fostering diversity within a community is its source of STRENGTH and key to its long-term RESILIENCE.

“But when the work of one species is hampered by drought or other conditions, another species in a diverse and multi-talented community is likely to thrive and expand its activities. It is this ability of species to compensate for one another that allows the system as a whole to function steadily over the long term.” (Baskin 1997:24-25) Read more here!

So how can we learn from nature to foster diversity within our own communities? We welcome your constructive thoughts on how we can help our communities be more resilient by learning from nature's diversity strategies.

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