Monday, September 12, 2016

Deep Roots: (Re)Creating Chicago as an Ecosystem

Discover a cutting-edge approach to redefining sustainability and resiliency in the built environment at Biomimicry Chicago’s Deep Roots workshop, which kicks off on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

During this daylong workshop at the Lurie Garden, Biomimicry Chicago’s experts will help participants learn how the ecological intelligence of our region’s native prairies, open woodlands and wetlands can inform the way we plan, design and engineer sustainable and resilient buildings, infrastructure and landscaping.  

The biomimicry approach builds upon and goes beyond existing green infrastructure and sustainable building design best practices to:
  • Understand at a systems level what metrics need to be met to achieve long-term ecological stability and resiliency of our region, and
  • Discover place-based innovative design patterns to solve the functional challenges of meeting those aspirational metrics at the project level.

We will focus on local water systems to illustrate how we can begin to compare the performance of our built systems to native ecosystems to find opportunities for significant improvement. The results will be a city that functions like native ecosystems - not “City in a Garden”, but “City as a [Native] Garden”!

Visit to learn more - tickets purchased go to support this transformational initiative, so we thank you for your support!

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