Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chicago Biomimicry Immersion Scholarship Finalist Announced!

Brittany Boelter is a finalist for the Chicago Biomimicry Immersion Scholarship and submitted her thesis integrating biomimicry and biophilia into the design of a Living Learning Center within Marquette Park in Gary, Indiana. View the full original work here!

Marquette Living Learning Center Boardwalk, Boelter
In Brittany's own words, "I ask nature how the built environment can inform and coincide with nature and natural ecosystems to engage, teach, inspire and grow for the success of the natural environment and the stewardship of future generations. I ask those questions, of course, but I also try to find the best possible solution for those questions. Therefore, within this book, I have proposed a Living Learning Center within Marquette Park in Gary, Indiana. I have used my studies of the Indiana dunes and its parabolic formations to inform the built environment and learning experiences on the site which is currently a large parking infrastructure. The current situation does not allow for the many ecosystems to follow their natural processes. I believe my solution and answer to the questions allows those ecosystems to continue their natural processes and movements, while also, creating a light boardwalk and built environment that informs, educates, and inspires the public and future generations on the current ecosystems and history of the site."
Marquette Living Learning Center Outdoor Terrace, Boelter
Marquette Living Learning Center Sun Experience, Boelter

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