Monday, November 24, 2014

Global Biomimics Gather!

I just got back from the Biomimicry Network Leaders gathering in San Francisco - what an amazing experience! It felt like coming home to my extended family. A few quick highlights:

Photo by Alexandra Ramsden, Biomimicy Puget Sound

  • will be THE place to go for global network information, so be sure to bookmark and follow the page! As a network, we will have great access to post our events to this global stage, so contact Rachel or Amy if you want your event to be recognized.
  • We started the process of mapping our network and how ours relates to the global network, so be sure to contact us if you want to be included! 
  • We're collaborating on a global stage to share best practices for everything from genius of place and education initiatives to how to set up a network! So if you have a question or initiative you'd like to pursue, contact us!
  • We keep learning more about the global design challenge and will be planning some events around this in the coming year - visit the global design challenge site to learn more!  
  • Biomimicry San Diego network leader Tamsin Woolley-Barker's kickstarter campaign to fund her book "SuperOrganizations: Nature's Game-Changing Guide To Faster, Smarter, More Valuable Companies" was fully funded! So keep contributing to get your copy!  
I'd love to tell you all about it, so contact me to learn more!

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