Monday, January 6, 2014

Biomimicry Thinking

As a part of the Biomimicry Professional program we have been doing a deep dive into Life's Principles - those principles that all life must adhere to to be successful (survive). This process has gotten me thinking about life's principles in my own life - how can I be more multi-functional? In what ways do I replicate strategies that work? I've found myself categorizing tasks I'm doing - such as streamlining the cookie-making process for a school fundraiser (I was much smarter about it this year...finally) and building upon a stage made for our girls a few years ago which since last year also serves as a puppet show stage and this year is a little house (via a felt overhang covering). I find myself thinking, how can I be more successful - and for me that means getting things done with any semblance of time left over for me to breathe - still working on that!

This week we are starting to look at Biomimicry Thinking - using Biomimicry tools and principles throughout the design process. As I did the assignment I had been thinking about how others use life's principles in the design process of which, not being in any semblance of a design world, I have zero experience. But someone's discussion post made me stop and think. I had considered design of a product, a building, a neighborhood, business strategy around a product, etc., but how does this apply to what I do currently? Is there anything I do that could be considered "design"? What about "designing" a sustainability strategy/goals/programs for a business (not product specific)? Yes. What about designing a sustainability training program?...sure - I'll have to work on that one. So how can I apply Biomimicry Thinking to what I do currently? It will be something I catch myself thinking about going forward for certain.

What kind of "design" do you do? Could Biomimicry Thinking be integrated into your "design" process? How can the products or services or actions you deliver have a greater chance of enhancing rather than detracting from Life on earth?

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