Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nature Walk and Biomimicry Seminar

Don't forget to register for Amy and Lindsay's Nature Walk and Biomimicry Seminar this October 20th at Ryerson Woods - an opportunity not to be missed!

Take an inspiring walk at Ryerson Woods during the peak of fall color, guided by a naturalist and two experts on the cutting edge of biomimicry: the emerging science of solving human problems by learning from the way nature works. Learn about the plants and wildlife in this unique nature preserve and the principles underlying these natural systems. Then return to Brushwood for a fascinating, interactive seminar with Amy Coffman Phillips of the B-Collaborative and Lindsay James of Interface, who will teach you how to apply these lessons from nature to a vast array of human problems. From artists to engineers, everyone can benefit from this unique opportunity to gain a new perspective on nature.
This is a Friends of Ryerson Woods (FRW) program.  $15 public, $10 (FRW) members. To register with a membership discount, call 847-968-3321.

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